March 31, 2022
New Music and Writings

New from Stoneburner
Stoneburner’s newest single CONTRACTING IRIS (now available on Bandcamp and through COP International) features an original audio short story by acclaimed science fiction author Peter Watts, read by Donna Lynch of Ego Likeness.

Stoneburner is also featured on the all-star collaborative release of COME TOGETHER (COP International), a benefit release for the people of Ukraine. Available now on Bandcamp.

New from Donna Lynch
The anthologies UNDER HER SKIN (Black Spot Books), The HWA POETRY SHOWCASE Vol XIII, and WHAT ONE WOULDN’T DO each include a poem by Lynch.

INTO THE FOREST (Black Spot Books) featuring a short story by Lynch will be out later this year.

WRITING POETRY IN THE DARK (Raw Dog Screaming Press), a nonfiction guide to writing horror & dark poetry edited by Stoker Award-winning poet Stephanie M Wytovich, is slated for release this year and contains an essay by Lynch on ‘Writing the Wound’.

This August, her 8th poetry collection, GIRLS FROM THE COUNTY, will be released by Raw Dog Screaming Press.

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